September 21, 2015


Middle of Family Room BeforeMiddle of Family Room After

You’ve been in your new home three months, six months, perhaps a year or more, and you are still surrounded by moving boxes. Cardboard décor really isn’t your idea of interior design, and you are tired of feeling like you are still in transition.

Or perhaps your living areas look fine, but the garage, basement or attic still hold piles of moving boxes waiting to be opened and the contents stored away properly.

You may suspect there are things you need that are still boxed up, but you don’t know where they are, so you spend good money buying them again. The time dedicated to the whole moving process has passed, life has taken over and other priorities have emerged. You’re overwhelmed, and you just want this to be over with.

Let me help you get this over with! Starting with the area that’s most important to you, we will open one box after another and find the right place for all your belongings. We will arrange your furniture, make the space functional and have it look nice and pulled together. When we are done you will be able to come home, know where your stuff is, feel comfortable and be settled in.