Downsizing | Moving

Looking to move on to the next phase of your life, but firmly wedged in place by a pile of possessions?

You really want to downsize, simplify and relocate, but just the thought of dealing with all your stuff makes you want to sit down. Your home would be on the market by now if you only could find time to declutter. Not to mention packing and unpacking all those boxes and putting away everything from socks to silverware.

Downsizing | Moving

Break free!

Don’t waste time, money and space dragging things along that no longer serve you, or pay one of these storage places to hold items you really don’t need any more. Together, we will figure out what serves you going forward, and get comfortable parting with anything that simply won’t be able to go. I can help you plan your new space, pack, manage your move, and unpack boxes in your new home, with services tailored exactly to your needs.

Check out HERE how I helped a client save time, money and space by decluttering their home before packing for a move.

Kathrin Shenk Downsizing-Moving


“You are the best thing about this move! Thank you!”

Corinne, Calvert County, MD