You know it’s time to declutter when…

… you know to open the hall closet door VERY carefully

… your dresser drawers are stuck closed – or open

… your kitchen appliances are stored on the counters

… the rod in your closet just fell down

… you went to put away the new six-pack of socks and found two identical ones at the back of the drawer

… the door to the guest bedroom does not open fully

… unopened boxes from the last move have been sitting for years

… you are renting a storage unit without a definite end date

… you want to move but can’t imagine packing it all up

… you find spices with a 2010 expiration date in your kitchen cupboard

… your closet is stuffed full but you have nothing to wear

… you search for your passport and find bank statements from 2004

… you can’t see and don’t remember what’s in the back of the garage

… unopened boxes with stuff from a deceased family member have been sitting for years

… you keep buying storage containers but your home still doesn’t feel organized

… you find yourself googling “professional decluttering help”


It’s OK to get help.

If attempts to get decluttered and organized on your own don’t lead to the desired results, consider hiring qualified help. Professional Organizers help clients declutter, organize and take control of their space efficiently and effectively. The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) provides a convenient practitioner search tool at their web site .

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