My #1 Moving Tip

this is a picture of a moving van at an office building ready to pick up furniture.

Getting ready for a move?

There are scores of websites that help you prepare for a move, offer Top Ten tips and even let you hire the necessary equipment and personnel to pull it all off.

But there’s one thing I haven’t seen mentioned. Imagine yourself settled into a hotel bed and realizing the sheets haven’t been changed. Ewww! Similarly, this applies to your new home.

Have your new place deep cleaned.

I’m not talking just the regular dust and mop routine. Find a reputable interior cleaning service. Make sure they sanitize the INSIDE of all bathroom and kitchen drawers, cabinets and even major appliances like the refrigerator and the stove. This won’t come cheap, so you may have to shell out some real money. However, it will be well worth the investment to know you are not placing your silverware in someone else’s junk drawer residue.

It’s OK to get help.

If attempts to get prepped for a move on your own don’t lead to the desired results, consider hiring qualified help. Professional Organizers help clients declutter, organize and take control of their space efficiently and effectively. The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO) provides a convenient practitioner search tool at their web site .

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